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Crime+Terror Survival
Krav Maga
Background information

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"The legendary, most effective

self-defense system worldwide"




After an over 30 years long, successful career in the fields of security, self-defense and martial arts, our chief instructor Marco Grunert founded the Crime+Terror Krav Maga system in the nineties and has used, tested and further developed it in his long security and self-defense training practice to this day. It is based on his own intense experiences of violent conflict and full contact fighting, as well as the experiences of his previous instructors, colleagues and students who have also been in real fights and in combat.

CTS Krav Maga is original, authentic Krav Maga based on the old military Krav Maga principles from its early years, when it was the contact combat system of the Israelian military forces in times of war.

It is in general a "Best of" compilation of the most effective techniques and tactics with and without weapons from all existing close contact combat styles like JiuJiutsu, MMA, Thai boxing, Grappling, Excrima (Filipino weapon fight) and many more, as well as military/police close-combat systems. This means that our CTS Krav Maga students learn elements of all these systems and styles.



We can adapt our CTS Krav Maga training to meet the needs of civilians as well as military or law enforcement needs.


For beginners, CTS Krav Maga is perfect for quickly gaining a high combat and defense strength in case of emergency.


To develop an excellent physical shape - CTS Krav Maga is one of the best physical work-outs available when it comes to speed, explosice strength, reflexes and body control

To develop mental strength, self-confidence, self-dicipline and a well-balanced character.

To experience the adventure and challenge of the most legendary close combat system


CTS Krav Maga does not follow the trends to weaken efficiency just to make the style look "more attractive" and make it commercially more successful. 


CTS Krav Maga consistently strives to achieve the highest level of defense and combat effectiveness in the shortest possible time so that students can respond to all possible threat scenarios correctly and reliably under all circumstances. 

CTS Krav Maga specifically uses natural and instinctive movements and relies on simplification. The training therefore provides very good results very quickly.


Our training focus is on the dangerous scenarios, where there is a real danger for life and health - be it in self-defense or third party protection.

All actions must strictly adhere to the law and legal requirements.


All techniques and tactics of the system have been developed and tested by countless users. This long evolution left only the most effective methods for both professional and civilian use.


CTS Krav Maga is strictly based on reality or operational practice and covers all possible scenarios that civilians or security forces can face.


Our CTS Krav Maga provide systematic, instinctive motion patterns across a range of stress-inducing scenarios and allows the student to be more effective under the stress of confrontation and to better control the negative effects of the "adrenaline shock".


CTS Krav Maga is trained in five disciplines. The disciplines cover all possible scenarios that can emerge in a self-defense or third-party protection situation in close quarters:

CTS Krav Maga is divided into the following sub-diciplines:

Hand vs Hand = Superior in unarmed conflicts
Most attacks against "civilians" are unarmed and it is therefore of great importance to be prepared for boxing, kicking and grappling attacks. Many of our techniques are taken from the legendary MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), because MMA uses only the most efficient techniques for unarmed combat.

Hand vs Weapon = Unarmed against Weapons

CTS Krav Maga - Hand vs Weapon is unarmed self-defense against armed attacks. In such serious scenarios, while facing deadly force, we prepare to cover every weapon, from the kitchen knife to the assault rifle.


Weapon vs Weapon = Armed against deadly force
CTS Krav Maga - Weapon vs Weapon is designed to enable the defender to use non-firearm / contact weapons whenever legally permitted and such weapons are available.

3rd Party Protection = Protect the innocent
In addition to self-defense, the protection of innocent people who are the victims of a criminal attack is a central topic of CTS Krav Maga, whether in the bodyguard profession or in private life.

Extreme Close Quarters Shooting & Krav Maga

The most common self-defense situations in a civilian environment occur at extremely close distances. Even if one is carrying a firearm, one often has to use contact combat/Krav Maga techniques in order to be able to use the firearm and/or to protect the firearm from attempted disarming. We are specialists for this extreme close quarter defensive shooting, in which special shooting techniques are harmoniously combined with CTS Krav Maga techniques. - This is the point where both, Krav Maga/contact combat and shooting, merge - and therefore a very special fighting method is created.

Control & Detaining = Bring "the bad guy" into custody: Usually a self-defense situation ends when the opponent is incapacitated or when the defender can use the chance to retreat or escape. However, for those who (like professional security operators) have the additional goal of bringing the offender to justice, however, special training in control and detention techniques is required.


"Krav Maga is survival, Krav Maga is a sport, Krav Maga is an adventure, Krav Maga is the way of the warrior - from youth to old age!"


CTS Krav Maga was developed by our chief instructor Marco Grunert on the basis of his intensive training in authentic Krav Maga of the Israeli armed forces and decades of experience in numerous martial arts and security operations.


"CTS Krav Maga is original Krav Maga. No gimmicks, solid, straight forward and only trimmed for effectiveness and for the harsh reality! "


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