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The "Brave Warriors"

of Nature Conservation

Contact us whenever you need or no longer feel comfortable or safe with your current security situation on your land. We would like to give you a free, non-binding consultation and show you how you can drastically improve the security situation on your land - and to stop poaching and cattle theft. - We're here to help.

If you then want our anti poaching services, we will work out a strategy tailored to your specific situation, including a cost estimate.


Anti Poaching, like all other complex security services, live from the experience, training and professionalism of the management in this demanding security field. Our director Marko G is a pioneer in  anti poaching services in Namibia since the nineties. Additonally, as a longtime owner of his own game ranch in northwestern Namibia, he was often confronted with poaching problems and their solution even on his own land. Our whole management, the strict selection of employees, the high-quality and intensive training and our deployment tactics are all geared towards one goal: To provide you with truly qualified anti poaching services. 

Importance of anti poaching services

Our carefully selected and highly trained AP ranger are of enormous and increasing importance for the conservation of African wildlife. - In addition to state, communal and private wildlife sanctuaries, our AP ranger can also assist international wildlife conservation organizations and security companies. Because of his diverse abilities, our AP rangers  can also be used to help prevent other crime outside urban areas, especially livestock theft.


Anti Poaching Scouts

Our AP Scouts are Ranger who are specialized in the reconnaissance of large wilderness areas on the search for poachers and traces of poaching. They are to detect poachers and secure evidence that leads to the arrest of the offenders which should be done by our AP Enforcement Officers.​

The scouts are equipped for self-protection only with simple weapons (e.g. traditional weapons), not with firearms. He should only detect armed poachers, observe them and report to the Anti Poaching law enforcement Officers for back up in order to make the arrest.

Only simple arrests of none or lightly armed suspects should be perform them, if needed. For their own safety, and out of Health&Safety precautions, they are also trained in SERE (Survival - Evasion - Resistance - Escape), First Aid as well as in CTS Krav Maga (self-defense/contact combat) with and without weapon. 

Many clients appreciate it when AP officers do NOT carry firearms. Nevertheless, our scouts can make a very significant contribution to the pursuit and arrest of poachers.


Anti Poaching Law Enforcement (AP-LE) Ranger

Our Anti-Poaching Law Enforcement (AP-LE) Officers are AP ranger who are both a Scout as well as a law enforcement officer. Additionally to the functions of the Scout, the AP-LE Ranger specializes in the arresting of poachers, even if they are armed with firearms and potentially violent. - The AP-LE Ranger is either working in a combined function, or he functions as a backup emergency response unit for the Scouts. In this strategy, the AP-LE Ranger are called in when our scouts meet situations they cannot handle. We also offer combined teams of two Scouts together with one or two AP-LE Rangers if requested.​​

Our AP-LE officers are equipped with a firearm and trained to use it in self-defense and as a safety precaution during detaining armed offenders. In addition to self-defense and the arrest of armed and aggressive suspects, our AP-LE officers must also be able to actively search for hidden and armed suspects, using stalking and ambushing tactics, as well as tracking fleeing offenders.

Contact us !

Contact us and arrange an appointment today so we can work out a tailor made strategy and quote for you !

"Our rangers are elite security operators because they face TWO major challenges: 1) the criminal adversary 2) the perils of the wilderness!"

"Our ranger are the last line of defense to protect threatened nature from destruction - it's a battle of good versus evil!"

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