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Owner, Head of Operations, Chief Instructor

Marko G


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Marko is owner, head of operations and chief instructor of Security Experts cc and its attached CTS Self-Defense Academy.

He has been working for decades in the national and international security industry, mostly operating in armed emergency response, close protection and anti-poaching, as well as training Namibian civilians and security professionals.


He is also the owner of the Ondjou Wilderness reserve and the attached The Rangers Lodge, which serves as the field training center for all our training camps.


Numerous private individuals, international organizations and leading Namibian security companies, members/ex-members of military and police units, including special forces, were trained by him.


Some more particulars about him:


  • In the national and international security profession for nearly 30 years, with his first security job (in Europe) at the age of 18.


  • Licensed Namibian Professional hunter


  • Former commando paratrooper (NATO forces)


  • Former co-owner of the than largest Armed Response company in Namibia  (Proforce Armed Response)


  • Chief instructor and operation commander of the former 911 Rescue and G4S Armed Response Squad (2003 to 2016)


  • Armed Emergency Response: Deployment, commander and instructor since 1996 till today.


  • Close protection: Deployment, commander and instructor since 1996 till today.

  • Among many other asignments, he was giving close protection services to the German Football Association during the World Cup 2010 in South Africa


  • Anti-poaching:  Deployment, commander and instructor since 1993 till today.


  • In his capacity as chief instructor of leading security companies in Namibia, Proforce Armed Response, 911 Rescue and G4S, he trained and qualified numerous members/former members of Namibian police NAMPOL and military forces NDF in armed emergency response, close protection and CIT protection services.


  • Training of active members of the Namibian Police Force


  • Giving self-defense / contact combat training courses to NAMPOL police instructors  at the Patrick Iyambo Police College


  • Giving anti-poaching, shooting and contact combat training courses to NAMPOL Special Field Force officers at the Ondjou Field Base & Training Center


  • Krav Maga Expert (Israelian “Contact Combat”); In Krav Maga since 1981


  • CTS (Crime+Terror Survival) Krav Maga - Founder and Master Level 5

  • CTS (Crime+Terror Survival) Shooting - Founder and Master Level 5


  • 1st Dan Black belt in Judo 


  • 5th Dan Black belt in Thai Kick Boxing (WAKO)

  • Years of competition experience (including West German champion) in Judo, Freefight/MMA and Thai/Kickboxing in Europe


"There is no quality of life without the good feeling of security - personally and for the whole family!


"I hardly know anything better than protecting other people or training them to protect others and themselves!"


"Crime and violence is our opponent who can strike at any time and we always have to be one step ahead!"

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