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Crime+Terror Survival
close quarters defensive


Training Camps

at our Ondjou Field Training Center

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Description: CTS KravMaga Training camps

We have developed our private wilderness reserve and lodge for many years as a training center for our security, self-defense and shooting courses.

CTS Krav Maga training camps are highly effective for its practical goal and purpose, but also a very special adventure in a true Namibian wilderness.

A training camp is the most focused and intensive form of training we offer. It brings an enormous gain in technical, tactical and physical development in the shortest possible time.

Training subjects
- General CTS CQ Defense shooting for civilians or security professionals

- Special Law Enforment CTS CQ Defense shooting for



armed emergency intervention,

anti poaching

- Special Military CTS CQ shooting for soldiers

Special note:

Our courses are highly effective training and further education in self-defense shooting for shooters of ANY style and background. With us it's not about promotion for a style, but only about realistic and most effective problem solving which we want to share with all combat shooters and self-defense practitioners.



Ondjou Field Training Centre

Accomodation: The Ranger's Lodge, our stylish and comfortable lodge.

On arrangement

Training camps are the most effective and efficient course structure we offer. They go over 3 days, up to 20 days. They are scheduled as modular training courses. With interruptions in between the moduls, real self-defense and law enforcement skills can be built up over the course of time.

Long-Weekend training camps  (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays} are one of the options for civilians or security professionals who are working normal hours. 

According to the desired amount of time and number of students. We will work out a tailor-made time schedule and quote for you.


Training camps are ideal for professional security personnel (police, military, security officers) because of its intensity and time efficiency.


But also non-professionals, with or without previous training, can book training camps.


Although a good physical fitness is of advantage, but not compulsory.

Nevertheless, participants in courses for professional purposes must meet certain fitness requirements. In addition, previous knowledge and previous experience are of course an advantage. More info on request.


A handgun or airsoft gun, and a holster are mandatory. If the participant does not (yet) have his/her own weapon, handguns can be borrowed from us for the livefire training classes.

A rifle and/or shotgun, if training on these weapons is planned.

Participants who want to take part in several courses, should also get a mouth guard, groin guard and MMA gloves. This equipment is essential for save practising of Extreme Close quarter drills combined with Krav Maga/Contact Combat techniques. - Otherwise this equipment can be supplied by us.


The progress is permanently checked and tested during the training and the grades are awarded according to the progress in performance and confirmed by certificates. - Certificates of participation are issued to each participant. Final certificates, on the other hand, only after reaching a minimum score of 60%.


ALL-IN-ONE  - Crime+Terror Survival Training Camps

In these training camps we combine CTS Krav Maga, with training in Crime + Terror Survival (CTS) Shooting with handguns and longguns as well as with long range Protective Marksman ("sniper") shooting. In addition, combat fitness training can is carried out (on request) so that this training camp drastically increases the overall defensive strength and combat fitness of the participants in a short time.

Our training camps are designed against the background of our military training and experiences and are therefore highly effective.


If required, the training camps can be completely customized for a group booking.


for international course participants from Europe

For European course participants, our training courses are particularly attractive for various reasons:

- A training camp is also an adventure holiday in Africa - with the simultaneous chance to practice your sport or to improve your self-defence skills significantly, in the company of like-minded people.


- Since the training takes place in the middle of the African wilderness, wilderness experiences and wildlife observations are guaranteed. And there is always the possibility to combine the training with a Namibia photo safari or hunting safari.

Our system, which was developed primarily under the tough African conditions, also offers professionals, instructors and advanced martial artists of all styles a valuable enrichment in their shooting and self-defense career and a "unique selling point" in every CV.

- The almost year-round sunny, dry and warm climate enables effective open-air and outdoor training.

- Special subjects, such as shooting from and around the vehicle, even while driving, simultanous shooting in all directions, and alll kinds of covers and consealments can be trained realistically with us.

- It can be trained on weapons that often cannot or are not allowed to be used freely in training in most european countries - both in terms of defense and potential attackers.

- Use of airsoft shooting training methods to improve tactics and techniques in the context of "gun sparring man against man"


- We have decades of practical experience in pratical shooting training courses in Africa, both for private self-defense and professional use.


Both in terms of initial training and further education, we are one of the top addresses worldwide for the training of realistic self-defense and combat shooting. A course with us in Africa, known for its crisis zones, challenging safety conditions and high crime rates, is certainly a unique selling point in every curriculum vitae or martial arts career.

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