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armed emergency

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"When seconds counts"

Contact us whenever you need or no longer feel comfortable or safe with your current armed response provider. Or if the current services are no longer sufficient for you. We would like to give you a free, non-binding consultation and show you how you can regain trust in emergency response services. - We're here to help.

If you then want our emergency response services, we will work out a strategy tailored to your specific situation, including a cost estimate.


Emergency Response Services live from the experience, training and professionalism of the management in this demanding security field. Our director Marko G is a pioneer in  armed response services in Namibia. He was co-owner of the legendary Proforce Armed Response and operational manager of the equally legendary 911 Rescue since the nineties. He knows exactly what to do and what NOT to do to make armed response a fundamentally important pillar of your personal safety. The overwhelming success of these former companies was based on the combination of best-trained response officers and shortest reaction times. SECURITY EXPERTS builds on these strategies to make response services what they should be again. Our whole management, the strict selection of employees, the high-quality and intensive training and our deployment tactics are all geared towards one goal: To provide you with truly qualified armed response officers as quickly as possible in an emergency.

Real emergency response - Fastest response in town - Guaranteed

SECURITY EXPERTS is the only response servive provider offering true emergency response services. If you feel threatened, wie will respond with such speed that we can stop the offenders before an attack on you, defend the customer or distract the attackers by appearing at the crime scene and direct the aggression towards us. In addition, the qualifications and speed of response of our employees allow us to track down possible criminals with a good chance of success and to arrest them on the run. Director Marco Grunert, as head of operations with the unfortunately now closed companies Proforce Armed Response and 911 Rescue, has proven in countless cases that this is possible. We achieve this performance through a bundle of measures which completely distinguish us from the other providers.

The core of our strategy is "quality over quantity": We prefer to focus on guaranteeing a few customers all the benefits of a really efficient and effective emergency response service, rather than just focusing on growth and excessive commercial interests.

Professionalism - that we can prove

Many people have lost confidence in armed response services due to mistakes of service providers in personnel selection, a lack of training and wrong strategies. We will give you that trust back.

Since emergency response, like all other security services, depends mainly on the quality and qualifications of the staff, we offer you as a customer the opportunity to get to know the emergency response officers who will rush to your aid in emergencies. You can also convince yourself of our incomparable efforts to provide an emergency response team through the strictest selection, professional leadership and high-intensity, constant training that does not otherwise exist in Namibia. Visits to our training center and meetings with the management and our operators will give you the confidence to put your safety, the safety of your family, visitors, employees or business associates in our hands.

Emergency response - Everywhere and anytime

In addition to the sheer speed and quality of our emergency responses, what is special about our service is that we not only respond to emergency calls from the client's home or work, but everywhere in Windhoek, wherever and whenever the customer is attacked, followed or feels threatened.


Our customers are concerned about their physical well-being, as well as that of their relatives or employees. Possible material damage, which can also be covered by insurance, is secondary. Our customers expect reliable protection against criminal attacks that can lead to injury or even death. - SECURITY EXPERTS is the only response servive provider in Windhoek who specialize in this and can reliably provide this complex and difficult service.

Contact us !

Contact us and arrange an appointment today so we can work out a tailor made strategy and quote for you !

"Close protection officers are intensively trained professionals who are able to protect the client even against heavily armed attackers!"

"The focus of Close Protection training must be on early detection and avoidance, but also on actively defending against any type of attack."

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