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Training Camps

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On arrangement

Training camps are the most effective and efficient course structure we offer. They go over 3 days, up to 20 days. They are scheduled as modular training courses. With interruptions in between the moduls, effective and sustaining skills can be built up over the course of time.

Long-Weekend training camps  (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays} are one of the options for civilians or security professionals who are working normal hours.

According to the desired amount of time, course content and number of participants. We will work out a tailor-made quote for you. 


We combine our two training centers for the best possible training conditions.


Training camp at the Ondjou Field Training Centre, Ondjou Wilderness Reserve, close to Kamanjab, Kunene Region, North West Namibia. Ideal training conditions and an environment in which all scenarios can be realistically simulated without restrictions.

Accomodation: The Ranger's Lodge, stylish and comfortable.

Windhoek Urban Training Centre. Ideal training conditions in an urban environment, where we run the part of the course which needs to be in an urban environment.


These courses are the most intensive form of training, because we, isolated in wild nature, can work full-time and over several days without any distraction or interruption to build up the necessary knowledge and skills. Therefore the training camps guarantee enormous training progress in relatively short time.


Governmental organizations, police and military that are looking for special training for their employees.

Security companies that are looking for special and qualified training for their employees.

Security Professionals or those who want to be, who want to be trained to improve their qualifications, or who seek employment as an Armed Emergency Intervention officer.


All participants in courses that lead to professional qualification, must meet certain fitness requirements. More info on request.


Certificates of participation are issued to each participant. Final certificates, on the other hand, only after reaching a minimum score of 60%.  

Graduations are  based on the following system: Basic level (5 sub-levels), Bachelor level (5 sub-levels), Graduate level (5 sub-levels), Expert level (5 sub-levels), Master level. - The progress is permanently checked and tested during the training courses and the grades are awarded according to the progress in performance and confirmed by certificates. 


"When seconds counts"

Armed Emergency Intervention is an immediate response to any stimulus that potentially threatens the life, healtn and wellbeing of a client. It is an 24 hour a day service, which includes response to any emergency, - also at night.

The work and the training of an Armed Emergency Intervention Officers is physically and mentally an extremely challenging task. Working as an Armed Emergency Intervention officer is only for professionals or highly motivated individuals, who understands that this job is a very demanding security work, which can involves considerable personal risks.


Armed Emergency Intervention officers can only protect the security of the customer from crime and terror through the combination of the fastest reaction time and highest training standards. In order to ensure this fast reaction time of a few minutes to the place of an incident around the clock, 24/7, highly effective organization, technology and, most important, motivation and qualification of the responding officers are required. In order to be able to protect the customer even in the most dangerous situations, the employees must be recruited and trained to the highest standards and constantly kept in training. Apart from us, there is no company in Namibia that can reliably meet these requirements. 

​Since Armed Emergency Intervention officers are called to emergency calls to properties and buildings where, in the worst case, heavily armed offenders are located, who may also directly threaten the customer, the training content is comparable to the work of police special units ("SWAT teams"), up to hostage rescue tasks.

The training is therefore only for aspiring professionals, or for fully committed individuals, who want to participate in these professional courses in order to drastically improve their personal safety and this of their family.. 


Recruiting services

Note to security service providers and cooperate clients: Our services can also include the recruitment and selection of suitable candidates for Armed Emergency Intervention officers, before starting a training course. This is a basic requirement for the best possible performance in training and deployment. - Trust our vast experience and many contacts to find you the best applicants, both physically and mentally.


for international course participants from Europe

For European course participants, our training courses are particularly attractive for various reasons:

- training conditions that cannot be offered in Europe, this relates not only to shooting and driving training conditions.

- Special subjects, such as protective marksman training, or shooting from and around the vehicle, even while driving, can be trained realistically with us.

- Because of the climatic conditions in Namibia (sunshine almost all year round) open air training can be offered permanently.

- It can be trained on weapons that often cannot or are not allowed to be used in training in Europe - both in terms of defense and potential attackers.

- Courses can be held in German or English. It may also be of interest to Germans because of the international qualifications that come with completing a course in English


- Our chief instructor, Marco Grunert,  has over 25 years experience as a operator, instructor and commander in Armed Emergency Intervention in Southern Africa.


Both in terms of initial training and further education, we are one of the top addresses worldwide for the training of Armed Emergency Intervention Officers. A course in Africa, known for its crisis zones and high crime rates, is certainly a unique selling point in every curriculum vitae.

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