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Our Windhoek Urban Training center is our training ground for professional training courses, as well for regular Krav Maga/Self-Defense and Defensive Shooting courses held for our local private students.

It is conveniently located on the border between the suburbs Klein Windhoek and Ludwigsdorf and is quickly accessible from other suburbs via Nelson Mandela Avenue, Robert Mugabe Avenue and Sam Nujoma Avenue (click here for directions).

The training center offers sufficient and secure street parking in front of the entrance gate. It offers both open air and covered training areas. The academy has the following facilities:

- 200 square meter training ground, roofed and open-air

- Mats of 100 square meter for grappling /judo / jujutsu exersises

- Punching bags and other kickboxing equipment

- A variety of dummy weapons needed for Krav Maga drills

- 200 square meter airsoft shooting range

- A braai area for social club events

- Lecture area for up to 20 students

Our dry practise shooting training takes place in our Urban Training Center, where we also have a fully equipped airsoft shooting range. For live fire shooting training, we can use facilities outside Windhoek. 



"Best self defence training in Namibia by the Namibian Self-Defense Academy - since 2004 !


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