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Personal Protection services


"For your safety and peace of mind"


Whenever you feel threatened or uncomfortable in a situation: Do not hesitate to contact us for a free and non-binding consultation. We're here to help.

If you then want close protection services, we will work out a strategy tailored to your specific situation, including a cost estimate.



Close protection services live from the experience, training and professionalism of the management in this demanding security field. Director Marko G is a pioneer in professional personal protection services in Namibia with assignments in Namibia and South Africa, with a focus on clients who are seriously under threat. In 2010 he was appointed as bodyguard by the german soccer association at the soccer world cup in South Africa. Our co-trainer Thomas Keller, former captain in the German military forces, is a bodyguard trained in Germany at a renowned training institution with IHK recognition.

Professionalism - that we can prove

As a customer, you are welcome to convince yourself of the international standard and the intensity of our training. Visits to our training center and meetings with our close protection operators will give you the confidence to put your safety, or the safety of your family, visitors or business associates in our hands.


Our customers demand for close protection services for each and every situation. Our focus is therefore on:

-VIP protection

-High risk executive protection (e.g. people receiving death threats)

-Close protection for business or leisure travelers in Namibia

But SECURITY EXPERTS also gladly accept smaller and shorter asignments:

-close protection if you want to withdraw larger sums

-protecting children at events

-escorting you when you come home late

-close protection whenever you feel threatened at home or in town

Whatever the reason and purpose of the assignment: We put all our strength into

1. Ensuring the Principal’s safety

2. Ensuring the Principal’s peace of mind (including protection from embarrassment and maintaining the dignity of the Principal)

3. Ensuring the Principal’s comfort

As a second pillar next to your safety: You can rely on our discretion and professional secrecy.

The entire spectrum

CPP operations encompass holistic and integrated protection that incorporates different phases. These phases can be sub-divided into the following inter-related actions:

• Protection on-foot,

• In-transit protection (vehicular or other)

• Static Protection (Venue or residential protection)

• Transition between the foot, transit and static protection phases

We offer high quality service in all these phases, depending on the needs of the customer.

Contact us !

Contact us and arrange an appointment today so we can work out a tailor made strategy and quote for you !

"Our bodyguards are intensively trained professionals who are able to protect the client even against heavily armed attackers!"

"The focus of our bodyguard services is on early detection and avoidance, but also on actively defending the principal against any type of attack."

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